GSG-1911 Accessories

Jet Funnel

Specially designed to match the GSG-1911 pistol. It is visually appealing and provides great fit. For fast magazine changes in combination with our magazine extensions.

The jet funnel comes with a mounting pin, a locking screw and matching tools.

It is available in different colors and also fits other 1911 single stack pistols.

Magazine Extension

Magazine Extension

Made from black plastic to fit the magazines of GSG-1911 pistols.

For fast magazine changes.

Designed to match our jet funnels.

Also available in aluminum and brass.

Magazine Release Button

Extension for Magazine
Release Button

The extension is asymmetrical and thereby can be turned in any orientation you like. You don't have to change the position of your shooting hand to change the magazine. The extension is made of stainless steel.

A take-up bolt (M3 screw) is needed to install the extension.

Spare Magazine

Spare Magazine

Default type without magazine extension for GSG-1911 pistols.