Speed Box 2000

Speed Box 2000

The Speed Box 2000 is a combined device which supports shooting against the clock on different targets and offers an effective practice setup for Biathlon or any other completely individual shooting practice.

It can be equipped with 5 or 6 targets of different shapes: bowling pin, plate or popper. Special shapes are available on customer request. The targets are absolutely interchangeable or combineable. The default configuration of the Speed Box is 5 bowling pin targets. These can easily be reduced to round targets of 60mm in diameter by inserting the included mask 'Biathlon'. The mask can be delivered with virtually any diameter for the reduced targets upon customer request.

Shooting against the clock with the Speed Box 2000

After pressing the start button it takes about 2 seconds until the start signal sounds. The shooter can now fire on the targets in any which order he likes, while the time is stopped after hitting the last target. His time is then displayed on a big display on the right side of the Speed Box. After about 10 seconds the targets reset themselves and the next round of shooting can take place. Should a shooter miss a shot the targets can be manually reset by pushing a button and a restart is possible immediately.

It is also possible to combine two Speed Boxes for a shoot off. Not only are both individual times displayed, but also a red light shines to indicate the winner. This is especially useful for events with a lot of spectators.

Fixed-Time shooting with the Speed Box 2000

You can set a fixed value to limit the time for the shooters. They get acoustic signals when to start and stop shooting. Only hits within the set period of time are counted and also displayed on the Speed Box afterwards. The time can be set as accurat as 1/10 of a second.

Practice for Biathlon with the Speed Box 2000

Speed Box 2000 with mask 'Biathlon'

To practice for Biathlon you first have to insert the mask so the targets are reduced to circles of 60mm in diameter. Further reduction is possible with an individually manufactured mask. That way you can practice for virtually any distance or challenge.

The targets are compatible with airguns, 4mm- or CO2-guns. There is also one available for small caliber. Possible scenarios for the Speed Box 2000 include shooting contests on carnivals or similar events. Especially the automatic resetting of the targets is a timesafer.

The Speed Box 2000 can be equipped with a variety of targets and be used with different time-settings. It thereby offers the ability to create your own personal shooting setup.