Target media for AIPSC

Complete action targets program for AIPSC and dynamic shooting with CO2 and compressed air weapons.

Our metal targets are made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet with a material thickness of 2 mm and thus approved up to 7.5 joules. The targets can be fired with CO2, compressed air and airsoft weapons from 0.5-7.5 joules.

All targets are mounted in a very stable base with impact buffer, anti-slip and additional mounting holes. The base of the folding targets is conical so that several targets can be stacked inside each other to save space for storage or transport. Equipping the targets with micro switches is optional, so they can be connected via a cable to any timer that has the appropriate connector. This ensures absolutely safe and reliable timing.

With our cardboard targets and motion targets you can equip complete AIPSC competitions. All our targets comply with the latest IPSC World Federation guidelines and are thus approved for all official competitions.

Falling Plate

When the plate is hit, it falls backwards.

Falling Plate with double function

When the plate is hit, it falls backwards. At the same time, a 2/3 IPSC cardboard target appears. A very interesting 3-shot combination target.

Falling Plate with double function (2 Targets)

When the plate is hit, it falls backwards. At the same time, two 2/3 IPSC cardboard targets appear. A very interesting five shot combination target.


The Uni-base is equipped with a stop switch for the timer. It is used as the last part in a parcour and can be equipped with a target of your choice. The object used as a target must be shot down from the base and thus stops the time. Several Uni-base can also be connected in series.

IPSC Classic Target (2/3)

Super training target. For simulating further distances and, with appropriate use, very well suited for increasing precision.

IPSC Micro Target (40%)

Our smallest IPSC target
Excellent for AIPSC and for simulating further distances.

Holder for cardboard discs

This mount is specially designed for our 2/3 IPSC cardboard target. However, it can also be used for other types of cardboard targets.

Shot Patch

- 1000 pieces / roll at 19mm diameter
- also available in 35mm diameter (for shotgun) 500 pieces / roll
- self-adhesive, easily removable, color-matched to our cardboard targets
- the 19mm shot patches are also available in white and black