Big Bore caliber

All of our steel targets (large caliber, small caliber, AIPSC and CO2) comply with the international IPSC rulebook and meet German range guidelines. The large caliber steel targets are made of very durable 500 Brinell hard steel. We are very happy to accommodate special requests if possible.


The swinger target can be triggered mechanically or optionally via light barrier.

Swinger Plate

Duck Target & Duck Plate

Duck Target is a vertically swinging motion target that can be equipped with one IPSC Classic Target, two IPSC 1/2 Targets or two IPSC 2/3 Targets.
Duck Plate is a vertically swinging steel target. Optionally round 200mm Ø or 150x150mm square.
Both are triggered mechanically.

Plate Swinger Combi

incl. front protection plate and matching holder
Plate (steel o. Plastic) triggers the swinger target
Compact combination device, requires little space
Very quick and easy reset via bell crank

Plate Duck Combi

Plate-Duck-Combination (up-down):
incl. front protection plate and matching holder
Plate (steel or plastic) triggers the Duck Target
Compact combo unit, requires little space
Very fast and easy reset via deflection lever

"Micky Mouse" - Double Swinger Plate

description is coming soon

Gravity Turner & Flap disk

Gravity Turner: The target rotates towards the shooter after triggering and then away again.
The Folding Slide can be mounted concealed and after release an IPSC Classic Target becomes visible. The folding target can also trigger all Fun Shooting movement targets!

Flip-up Target

Classic Popper falls over backwards and an IPSC target becomes visible

Classic Popper

- Classic Popper 50cm (training popper)
- Classic Popper 2/3 with integrated release device (for swinger, Duck Target or others)
- Classic Popper 1/1 (optionally falling forward or backward)

Spring Plate

This target sets up again independently after a hit (perfect for training).
Can also be used as a normal plate for competitions, etc.
Optionally round 200mm Ø or 150x150mm square.


Easy release with foot or hand
Suitable for triggering all FUN SHOOTING targets
Dimensions over all: 320x420x60mm, pulling force approx. 15kg

Bear Trap

Bear Trap: the target to be shot at is visible several times until partially visible stop

Spring plate in different versions

This target will automatically reset itself after a hit (perfect for training).
- round (200mm Ø)
- square (150mm x 150mm)
- Trainings-Classic-Popper
- IPSC -Target A-Zone
- or according to your wishes

Trigger Plate

The trigger plate can safely trigger all other motion targets due to a strong spring and a trigger travel of 100mm. Optional 150mm square or 200mm round.

Front protection plate

Front protection plate for splinter protection