Speed Box 2000

The Speed Box 2000 is a combined device that can be used for time shooting at different targets, effective biathlon training or completely individual shooting training.

The device is optionally equipped with five or six targets (standard 5 targets). The shapes of the targets are cones, plates or classic poppers. Special shapes according to customer requirements are also possible. The targets can be easily interchanged or combined. In the standard version, the Speedbox is supplied with cones as targets. If required, these can be reduced to a circular aperture of 60 mm (standard) using the “Biathlon” reducing aperture supplied. The shoot-through aperture can be supplied in any diameter upon customer request!

Use at time shooting

After pressing the start button, the start signal sounds approx. two seconds later. The shooter now shoots at the targets in free order, with the last target hit stopping the time. The time achieved can be read immediately on a large display on the right side of the speed box. Approximately ten seconds later, the targets are automatically repositioned and the shooter can start again. If a shooter does not hit all the targets, the targets already shot at can be set up again using the "Set" button, and an immediate restart is possible. As a variant, two devices can be connected with each other, for shooting "man against man" (shoot off). In this case both times are displayed. With the fastest time a red lamp lights up additionally, so that the shooters or spectators can recognize the winner immediately. This variant is especially recommended after a match as an additional highlight.

Use at the festive season shooting

A new feature of the Speed Box 2000 is the hit display. During fixed-time shooting, only hits that are scored within the programmed shooting time are displayed. Hits after the stop signal are no longer registered. The start signal (whistle) sounds 2 seconds after the start button is pressed. The fixed time can be programmed to a tenth of a second. The stop signal sounds after the programmed fixed time has elapsed.

Biathlon use

For biathlon training, round targets with a diameter of 150 mm are used, which, if necessary, can be brought to any desired diameter with the help of a reducing aperture. Thus, it is possible to train at any distance and for any training need. The targets can be shot with air pressure, 4mm or C0² weapons. A variant for small caliber weapons is also in the program. The Speed Box 2000 is also used at shooting festivals and similar events. The automatic setting up of the targets saves a lot of time, so that more shooters can participate in the shooting. The Speed Box 2000 can be equipped with various target media. It is possible to shoot exercises where the shooting time is predetermined, as well as exercises where the fastest shooting time is to be determined. The Speed Box 2000 is therefore a very individually applicable target device.

Shot Patch

- 1000 pieces / roll at 19mm diameter
- also available in 35mm diameter (for shotgun) 500 pieces / roll
- self-adhesive, easily removable, color-matched to our cardboard targets
- the 19mm shot patches are also available in white and black